Vegetarian Recipes (*some with meat)

Download and print Vegetarian Recipes booklet

These recipes provide examples of what can be done with vegetarian cooking. While tasty and nutritious, many of the recipes are intentionally minimalist, inviting improvisation with whatever fresh ingredients are on hand. Topics include:

  • Cooking rice and beans tutorials
  • Substituting long-term-storage ingredients in place of fresh ones
  • Minimizing the use of cooking fuels, cooking off-the-grid
  • Using an electric blender, and non-electric alternatives
  • Solar oven variations
  • Optional meat additions
  • Cooking for thirty people
  • Healthy ingredient suggestions
  • Herb teas
  • Food storage and preservation tips

The recipe booklet is 246 kB and is 39 pages as formatted for U.S. letter size paper (8½ x 11 inches).
Last updated March 5, 2017.

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