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The original music by Hannah Jordan is Copyright (C)

The other music came from public domain sources and has been typeset, rendered, and recorded by  Thus we also hold a copyright on our typesettings and audio renderings (but not on the public domain sources from which we developed them).

You MAY:

  • print copies of the music for personal use, or use in a worship setting
  • insert images of the sheet music, or the lyrics alone, into a church bulletin or similar printed material
  • make slides to display the sheet music, or lyrics alone, in a worship setting
  • download and archive the sheet music and audio files
  • distribute the sheet music, lyrics, and audio files to others at no charge
  • perform the music, record your performance, and/or distribute an audio recording of the performance (e.g. DVD, youtube), as long it’s free of charge.


  • Attribute as the copyright owner and retain our copyright notice.


  • Appropriate the original music of Hannah Jordan and claim it as your own; this music is not in the public domain
  • Appropriate our sheet music or audio renderings and claim them as your own
  • Use the music commercially (i.e. sell it in printed, electronic, or audio form).

You may contact the editor to inquire about permission for commercial or other non-permitted uses; we are happy to consider reasonable requests.

We have done due diligence to ascertain the status of every work here, but if we have erred — if you believe you own the copyright to something on this site — please contact the editor and we will address your concern promptly.

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