Understanding the Festivals of God

In the Old Testament, God commanded the people of Israel to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. God also designated eight festivals to be observed annually.  Disciples observe these high holy days as a result of understanding – or because they want to begin understanding – how these festivals all point to Christ Jesus and where we stand in the plan of God.

Introduction to the Holy Days introduces topics that pertain to all of the festivals of God, how we understand and celebrate them, and why. It introduces the Key of David principle, demonstrating its use to take meaning from scripture by way of several examples. God gave these traditions for remembrance, with the physical activities done by physical Israel creating prophecies that pertain to spiritual Israel. To observe the festivals we also consider how God defines His calendar. The Introduction article concludes by answering to whom the covenants defining God’s festivals apply, and how we will know the original covenants with Israel are no longer in effect, replaced by the Second Covenant.

Articles on each individual festival discuss where that holy day is scripturally defined, its original way of observance by physical Israel, how that festival points to Christ Jesus, and how it can be observed by spiritual Israel today.