Q:  Several of these hymns are a little different from the ones I’m used to.  Why is that?


  1. We focus on providing hymns and songs centered around authentic Biblical content.  Many of the lyrics are taken directly from the Bible — both the Old and New Testaments (not necessarily the literal text, but the meaning paraphrased in understandable English verse).  While we love the old Protestant hymns — most of them anyway!, our focus is to satisfy unmet needs of Sabbatarian congregations and to eliminate lyrics expressing faulty doctrines.
  2. Philadelphia takes the eternal covenants made by God with his chosen people seriously, including the Sabbath commandment.  (Yes, we really do observe the Sabbath on Saturday, and it is mentioned in some of the songs; we also observe Passover and other High Sabbaths that the Lord commanded his people — spiritual Israel — to observe.  Some of the hymns are categorized for use in these observances.  Our beliefs are by no means a rejection of Christ Jesus’s “new covenant”, but are deeply reasoned and supported by scripture.  Thank you, Homer Kizer!)
  3. You won’t see a mention of a “trinity,” nor do we consider the breath of God — which has often been translated as “holy spirit” — a person.  However, the breath of God does play an important role in our theological perspective.
  4. We do not elevate the cross on which Jesus was crucified as a symbol.  If you do, however, our songs should not give any offense in this regard.


Q:  Are you Jewish, then?

A:  No, we are circumcised-of-heart Christian disciples, who voluntarily choose to walk as Judeans.


Q:  Who is Hannah Jordan?

A:  Hannah Jordan is a professional musician in one of The Philadelphia Church’s autonomous local fellowships.  She has crafted a number of new hymns that set paraphrased Bible text to pleasing, singable music.  Beyond that, she is a very private person about whom little else can be said, but her music speaks for itself.  Her copyrights are assigned to WithSinging.org and she can be contacted by emailing the editor.


Q:  Is there a way to sort or filter the hymns by scripture?

A:  Yes!  Use the “search by scripture” form at the bottom of the page.  For example type “Matthew” to locate hymns based on verses in the book of Matthew.